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Extends to over 8' high. 1000W or 1500W Metal Halide head. Available with various plug configurations, L5-15 is standard.

Note: The TT Tripod can be outfitted with most of the TELE-LITE lamp head assemblies. Call us for more configuration options!

Features & Benefits



  • Extended heigh - over 8'
  • Cord attachment to base of pole for stability
  • Vehicle mounting brackets available
  • Protective grid available on most lamp heads
  • Custom lengths available
  • Standard L5-15 electrical connector. Others available.

Height Extended Over 8'
Height Folded 72"
Receptacle NEMA L5-15

Model TT-5 Shown Folded with TTVM
Vehical Mount. Folded Height 72".
Vehicle mounting brackets. Can be used for storage or for use of tripod on vehicle as a telescoping light. Quick disconnect.
Portable Floodlight Runners - adapts portable fixture to tripod. Use with Portable Floodlight Model P-5.
   May  26, 2020