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Honda centrifugal pumps are ideal for use in a wide variety of applications such as agricultural, construction sites, de-watering, sprinkler systems, fire fighting, boating and general home use. Honda even provides a pump for some saltwater and chemical applications.

Honda's centrifugal pumps are designed to be reliable, easy to start, easy to prime, easy to maintain and are built to last. Honda has provided pumps to the world market for more than 20 years, and engines (the heart of the pump) for more than 30 years. Honda's reputation for high efficiency, long life engines and high quality pumps has made them the favorite in rental and commercial applications.

An excellent choice for homeowners, gardeners, and boat owners. Powered by Honda's easy starting, quiet running M-4 series 4 cycle engines. These models give exceptional performance in a truly light-weight package.

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Honda's economy pump series offer options for quality performance with value pricing. Powered by Honda's Industrial series GX engines, these pumps will provide outstanding performance for common pumping applications.

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Honda High Pressure pumps offer high pressure with lower flow. The best applications for these pumps are where higher pressure is required, such as when using sprinklers or a nozzle.

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The Honda Multi-Purpose Pump is the choice when pumping of approved industrial and agriculture chemicals is required. This pump is equipped with EPDM seals and a rugged fiberglass reinforced polyester housing to ensure reliable operation while pumping approved chemicals.

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The Honda WSP Series of submersible pumps are designed for a variety of residential and commercial sump applications. Housed in rugged, stainless steel casings, the WSP Series offers automatic starting, built-in thermal auto reset and 20- or 25-foot heavy-duty, 115v cord.

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Honda trash pumps are designed to allow solids(sticks, stones, and debris) up to 13/16 inch for the 2 inch model and 1 1/16 inch for 3 and 4 inch models to flow through the pump without clogging, making them ideal for construction sites. The WT pumps are designed to move water, and lots of it. The WT40 will move water at a rate of 433 gallons per minute and is capable of handling solids without clogging. A quick clean out port and easy maintenance features ensure long service life. Honda Trash Pumps are the ultimate choice for contractors and rental applications.

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Diaphragm Pumps are one type of pump that is not centrifugal in configuration. These positive displacement pumps are low volume pumps that are not limited to clear water: they can pump mud, trash and more. Honda Diaphragm Pumps are capable of running dry and pumping water with greater than 25% solids by volume. Perfect for slow seepage situations. You can count on Honda to keep the site dry.

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   October  1, 2023