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NOVA-Lite and NOVA-EU6500

NOVA-LITE and the NOVA-EU6500 lighting systems feature dependable Honda generators with two telescoping lights to get you all the light you need, when you need it, where you need it.

The near perfect combination of power and portability, NOVA-LITE features the dependable Honda EB-3000 generator with GFCI. This quiet power plant is rack mounted on a custom built hand cart along with two 500W telescoping lights, and two 500W portable lights with storage brackets for easy and fast portability.

The front Halogen lights are mounted on their own rugged telescoping poles making them instantly ready for use. Raise them up 82" from the ground, rotate and angle them to get light exactly where you need it.

At only 140 lbs. (and most of the weight carried very low) NOVA-LITE is easy to maneuver with its rugged off-set stainless steel handle. That's one trip to where it's needed with no trips back to the truck for extra lights or a generator.

The NOVA-LIGHT. Put it on your team and win against the darkness.
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The NOVA-EU6500 is the newest option that adds a lighting system to your existing EU6500isA Honda Generator, or you can order your NOVA-EU6500 with a Honda EU6500isA as a package.

Often the first thing you really need at an emergency scene is lighting. The Tele-Lite NOVA-EU6500 instantly turns your generator into a lighting system with two telescoping quartz halogen lights extending to a height of 10 feet, directing the light right where you need it.

The 500-watt fixtures are standard, but there are options for 750-watt, 1000-watt or 1500-watt fixtures ineither 120 or 240 volts. All the flexibility of the Tele-Lite line of lampheads let you build a NOVA-EU6500 to suit your needs.

With nearly 5 hours of run time and 6500 watts output, you cannot want for power or ability. This the rig for pros who want to go with more power. For all the functionality of the NOVA-6500, it only adds 13% additional weight to the EU6500 generator.

The 4-point mounting and one locking lever allow quick, solid attachment to an EU6500. Removing the NOVA-EU6500 enables convenient storage.

You're one snap away from a portable lighing system, without a snake's nest of cords to get snagged on. Should you prefer to permanently mount the NOVA-EU6500, a kit is provided.

Your Honda Generator is a key part of your emergency equipment. Make it even more useful with the NOVA-EU6500 Light System option.
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   March  20, 2023